Losing It All

For my first blog i should probably introduce myself, my ideas, let you get to know me, blah blah blah. Well you will figure out eventually that is not me! What is me, is looking at something a million different ways, with an internal dialogue if anyone could hear, would assume i required to be sectioned.

I see myself as a strong person in every way, but every so often i let my guard down and something (or someone) is only too happy to step in and try to take me down. Now lets focus for a minute on that being a person. They tear you down, level you to the ground, before you even felt the slightest breeze escape their lips. You spend some time thinking they are right, you doubt yourself, spiral deeper with every thought, until the very thought of seeing or hearing them makes you want to hide under the carpet. That strong person is gone.

But you know what? They aren’t gone at all, they are simply resting, taking a breather, letting you be quiet and still with dark thoughts. That strong person knows you need to see the dark to know the light, need to feel the pain to know what happiness is, you need time to gather all parts of yourself, and hear the message that is for you, so that when the time comes, when every part of you has gathered together in silence as their strongest selves, when you are ‘whole’ again, you can rise again. You can rise again so much stronger that that person pales in comparison, if a comparison can even be made. And that is not saying that you seek revenge, or even wish them an injustice. Rather that they register in your new world only as a lesson from the past.

I love this quote. I love that i feel just fine with letting myself get down low, and rise stronger, able to help myself, in a better position to help someone else, having more faith in my own worth.

It really is ok to be a bit broken for a while, as long as you repair yourself, and that when you do, you show your beautiful self to the world in a light no-one has ever seen you before. So my lovelies, be broken, but rise so dam high and hot they can’t touch you!


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