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What if you had it all?

Are you a Dreamer? Do you ever sit and think what your life would be like if you had all the money you could ever need, perfect health, no ties? It’s a nice little break from reality, to daydream. But that’s all it is, isn’t it?

Recently i have been thinking a lot about what my calling is, what i would do if all obstacles were removed, what my dream life would look like. If you remove all the negatives holding you back from doing what you truly want, visualise what you do want, you have something from.

So lets say i fantasise about spending all day with animals… I can’t do that because i have to work to pay bills right? But that’s what i truly want and would be happy doing every day for the rest of my life. How could that be a reality? Well, i’d have to get paid to do it. How can that happen? I’d have to get a job working with animals. But there aren’t any. So make one… Become a petsitter, starting with evenings, weekends, days off, until enough people want me to look after their pets all week, every week.

Within the year, I’m living my dream.

It’s not about what you would do WITH all the money in the world, it’s about what you would do IF YOU HAD all the money in the world. You see the difference in those questions? Dare to dream and take your first step toward figuring out how to get there. Ask yourself today what you would do if you had it all.

Perseverance VS Acceptance

persevere vs acceptAre you a fixer/do-er, or laid back? Do you wait to see what the world will bring you next, appreciating whatever rocks up, or do you go out and assume your own destiny? Which is right? Can we find happiness in either or how do we find a balance of both?

Around 9 years ago, i bought 2 lily plants from a supermarket. Lovely ones with a beautiful creamy white flower each, an abundance of fleshy, forest green leaves, in sweet little pots perfect for the window ledge.

As happens, flowers do not last forever, so when they wilted away i trimmed them, dutifully carried on watering and feeding, awaiting the day i would be rewarded with flowers again. Well… months passed, nothing, months became years. I persevered, reading about moving them somewhere darker, somewhere brighter, giving less water, more water, talking to them, all sorts.

Eventually, i found a post on a forum that let me know i was not alone, i hadn’t bought duds, i had done nothing wrong with them. It said that sometimes, being forced to grow to a specification so as to be perfectly presentable at the time of purchase, they simply are out of sync with their natural growing rhythm. The post suggested to accept and enjoy them for the beautiful foliage, let them be.

I did just that, i accepted that i may never see them flower again, but while they were healthy i would take pleasure in their vibrant green foliage and leave them to their own agenda. Roll forward 5 years from purchase. During watering, i noticed a new leaf unfurling, nothing unusual, except, it was white… i tried not to become over excited at the prospect of a flower in case my eyes were playing tricks, however, the next day, there it was, in all its glory… a single flower!

I was overjoyed. I had persevered to change this plant, then accepted it for what it was, expected nothing more than it was willing to give, enjoyed years of gorgeous green, now it was happy enough with itself that it showed its hidden talent.

Of course i gave it a little help after that, shaking the seed over the other plant after the flower died back, but telling it it’s okay if it doesn’t work. But it did. Flowers appeared on the other, then more on the first plant. Now, i am happy to report that i get to see multiple flowers on both plants regularly. But no pressure on either, if they stop flowering, i’m okay with that, and they know it.

So, how does this help us with the question of perseverance or acceptance?

Personally i think it’s about finding the right balance, being in tune with the natural world so you can feel what is needed when. We cannot simply switch off and let nature take it’s course all of the time, or we would be in a sorry state, but, sometimes we need to persevere a little, then take a step back, see the beauty in something as it is, saying it’s okay, until it reaches out to us again. Find the balance, the help, the calm, the harmony. Oh and go find some houseplants… they’ll help you figure it out!

Losing It All

For my first blog i should probably introduce myself, my ideas, let you get to know me, blah blah blah. Well you will figure out eventually that is not me! What is me, is looking at something a million different ways, with an internal dialogue if anyone could hear, would assume i required to be sectioned.

I see myself as a strong person in every way, but every so often i let my guard down and something (or someone) is only too happy to step in and try to take me down. Now lets focus for a minute on that being a person. They tear you down, level you to the ground, before you even felt the slightest breeze escape their lips. You spend some time thinking they are right, you doubt yourself, spiral deeper with every thought, until the very thought of seeing or hearing them makes you want to hide under the carpet. That strong person is gone.

But you know what? They aren’t gone at all, they are simply resting, taking a breather, letting you be quiet and still with dark thoughts. That strong person knows you need to see the dark to know the light, need to feel the pain to know what happiness is, you need time to gather all parts of yourself, and hear the message that is for you, so that when the time comes, when every part of you has gathered together in silence as their strongest selves, when you are ‘whole’ again, you can rise again. You can rise again so much stronger that that person pales in comparison, if a comparison can even be made. And that is not saying that you seek revenge, or even wish them an injustice. Rather that they register in your new world only as a lesson from the past.

I love this quote. I love that i feel just fine with letting myself get down low, and rise stronger, able to help myself, in a better position to help someone else, having more faith in my own worth.

It really is ok to be a bit broken for a while, as long as you repair yourself, and that when you do, you show your beautiful self to the world in a light no-one has ever seen you before. So my lovelies, be broken, but rise so dam high and hot they can’t touch you!